Comunidades e Exemplos de VRML

  1. Siggraph97 SGI VRML Course (mirrored from now defunct SGI site)
  2. (1997-2002 weekly VRML & Web3D articles mirrored from now defunct site)
  3. comp.lang.vrml - Newsgroup
  4. VRML Email List
  5. The X3D Experience an X3D/vrml showcase website
  6. Poetic Pantheon by Norman T. Thornton (3D Virtual Reality web application to house poetry ergodic / concrete) presented by
  7. 3D Virtual Reality Models using VRML - VRML models of the World Trade Center and 2001: A Space Odyssey
  8. Collection of 1000 Virtual Worlds - Listed alphabetically with an image and link for each world, single-user-mode/multi-user-mode
  9. VRInternal - VRML/X3D showcase website
  10. Grafman's VR World - CGI-based VRML generation and Java/EAI examples
  11. Sample VRML code, and VRML-writing code, including Cyberspace's First Mobius Strip (circa 1995)
  12. FVRML - Function-based extension of VRML
  13. LSKC VRML Team - A school VRML Team led by Mr. Yip Chee Yan in Hong Kong
  14. Volgograd METROTRAM 3D - VRML model of hybrid rapid tram subway system in Russia, includes single user and multi user modes
  15. Virtual Groninger Museum - VRML model of the Groninger Museum in The Netherlands, includes SingleUser and MultiUser modes